Divino Style

Divino introduces a unique trendy and contemporary style.

DIVINO is a restaurant and wine bar for serious food lovers and wine connoisseurs. The decor is artistic, the service sleek and polished and the food elaborate and refined.

The exquisite dishes served at this restaurant are perfect examples of nouvelle cuisine (new cuisine) which has taken the world of gourmet cooking by storm fused with Cuisine classique (classic cuisine).  Learn more

Saturday Wine Tasting

No matter how much you read about wine, there's no substitute for personal experience. But there's often a vast difference between the wine we can consume or afford by ourselves, and the wine we'd like to try given unlimited funds (and a liver of steel).

Thus, there exists the beast known as the wine tasting. Whether it's a few bottles on a counter of a wine bar, or a thousand-wine formal event with etched glasses and hors d'oeuvres on silver platters, a tasting is an unparalleled learning opportunity. Learn more

Ethnic Day

Each month Divino entertains its clients with parties featuring various continents/countries

Each week DIVINO entertains its clients with shows featuring continents and countries all over the world. Featured ethnic days include East African, West African, Cuban, North American, Latin, European and Asian day.

Ethnic dishes are served and special ethnic menus are provided. The abundance of decorations and ethnic costumes make the experience one of a kind. And to compliment all this, the live music makes it even better.


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Whether planning an intimate or lavish occasion,

Divino Restaurant & Wine Bar

will give you an experience like no other.

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Divino Restaurant & Wine Bar

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